Buy 5 necklace design online in India from Fancy Neck store.



Buy necklace design 5 online in India from the Fancy Neck store.

Outstanding Necklace Designs from Fancy Neck


Buy necklace design As Indian woman I know our attire is incomplete without a Necklace set. And here we are to give you the perfect look you are missing. This is the reason why Fancy Neck strives every day to give you the best necklace designs. We are a store that is purposed to give you a great variety of necklace sets for each day. Our creative team is experienced and the best. That is the only reason we can meet the necklace requirements of every Buy necklace design woman. We offer necklace for women that is gorgeous, outstanding, Classy, stylish and most importantly superior quality. Fancy Neck offers perfection at all times. Buy necklace design, Necklace from the Fancy Neck is the perfect addition to your jewelry collection.

Origin of Necklaces

Typically, a necklace is a piece of jewelry that is worn around the neck, and it is one of the earliest forms of adornment that humankind wore. Buy necklace design When they were introduced, they served the purposes of celebrating in ceremonies,  religious functions, magical purposes, and funerals. In the prehistoric period, they were made from natural materials that included shells, bones, feathers, and plants.Buy necklace design However, during the Bronze Age period, things changed and they were made from metallic materials. The art of making this accessory evolved and the Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Buy necklace design Babylon, Ancient Samaria, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Crete, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome experienced the best times in making necklaces. Buy necklace design They used different precious materials that helped with the evolution of necklaces to what we have today.

How to Pick the Right Necklace

Our gorgeous necklaces come in different designs, colors, materials, sizes, and so on. All of them have been carefully and creatively crafted to standout and accentuate the beauty of all your attires. Buy necklace design If you asked us for our must-have jewelry staples, a pair of classic, stunning and lightweight pendant in contemporary designs that strike just the right balance between work and play for the modern multitasking woman. Team this piece with your formal attire and look absolutely phenomenal. Buy necklace design  Timeless and ultra-versatile, pendent can elevate even the most formal looks and are ideal for any dress code.Buy necklace design  While they may be perfect in size, they definitely make a mighty style impact.

Unique Collection Of Necklaces

Fancy Neck is a store that has mastered the art of making necklaces. We are a store that ensures we do create unique Necklaces with superb quality. All our pieces will keep you in touch with your elegance and comfort. Fancy Neck is at your disposal to offer quality necklace designs that will make you stand out in style.

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The Charm Of Shopping With Fancy Neck

Many things make Fancy Neck stand out. These are security, ease of use, diversity, and value for your money. Fancy Neck  products are carefully curated to ensure quality. The security measures that we have incorporated also ensure that any transactional activity is done; is on a safe and secure platform. Necklace online shopping with Fancy Neck has also been made easy by using a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate, shop, and pay. You will not have any difficulties at all!

A necklace is a form of jewelry worn suspended around the neck. It is most commonly made in flexible forms such as a chain, as a string of beads, pearls, gemstones, or other natural materials, or made of a more inflexible band of metal embellished with gemstones, pearls, beads, or other techniques such as engraving, filigree, repoussé, granulation, for example. Lengths of necklaces vary, and specific types related to extremes in length range from a short choker or dog collar  necklace that fits right around the main portion of the neck to a longer neck chain or string of beads called a sautoir, sometimes worn hanging down to or past the waist.

Symbolic Meanings

As with other pieces of jewelry, the necklace has been an important site of  decoration for the body but also of communication for the person. As valued material culture, necklaces communicate wealth, power, affiliation, prestige, levels of resources and skill, and elements of identity and position. The durability of jewelry like necklaces made of metal, glass beads, or gemstones provides an opportunity to appreciate and understand the technology, cultural Buy necklace design practices, artistry, and aesthetics of other cultures and distant time periods.  

Early Necklaces

A simple necklace made from a string of local organic materials such as shells, teeth, or bone beads is one of the forms of Buy necklace design jewelry adopted by early cultures around the world. More Buy necklace design precious materials from farther away were also valued for early  necklaces, frequently in the form of beads, such as those of Mediterranean red coral found in a Neolithic burial in the Alps (circa 4200-3400 B.C.E.). Other early types of necklace included the torc or torque, an Buy necklace design ancient Celtic neckpiece made of twisted metal, and the lunula, a flat, crescent-shaped and engraved variation of the torc found in Bronze Age Ireland and Scotland (circa 1800-1500 B.C.E.). 

A pendant is an ornament that is suspended from another piece of jewelry such as a necklace, neck chain, ribbon, brooch, bracelet, or earring. Buy necklace design Pendants take many forms including large gems or pearls, cameos, crosses, lockets, amulets, or watches.  Amulets as pendants have been most significant as one of the first forms of prehistoric jewelry. As pendants, amulets retain an unprecedented Buy necklace design popularity in the early twenty-first century as good luck charms, as talismans, and as protection from the evil eye or any number of other perceived disasters or supernatural forces. Buy necklace  Pendants are frequently made to be detachable so they might be used on different necklaces, or made with a pin-back so they might also be worn as a brooch. Buy necklace 


A locket is a small pendant Buy necklace design in the form of a flat, round, or oval case with a hinged cover, Buy necklace design worn usually on a neck Buy necklace design chain or suspended from a necklace of various styles. It is worn as a sentimental piece, Buy necklace design meant to hold a memento such as a lock of hair, a photograph, or, before the invention of photography, a miniature portrait painted on ivory. They are made from various metals and with diverse techniques, often set with Buy necklace design gemstones and engraved or enameled. Early lockets were worn as devotional or reliquary jewelry, made in the Middle Ages and Buy necklace design renaissance to hold a saint’s relic. In the sixteenth century, monarchs like Elizabeth I often Buy necklace design presented gifts of lockets holding their portrait to favored courtiers. One famous example of a commemorative type of locket is Elizabeth’s “Armada Jewel” (circa 1588) with a cast gold and enameled profile portrait of her on the front and an enameled depiction of Noah’s Ark on the back, made to celebrate England’s victory over the Spanish Armada. Lockets were very popular in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and this continued into the twentieth after photography was developed. Nineteenth-century Victorian lockets were an important betrothal gift or sentimental gift of personal devotion. Lockets were frequently made as watchcases for men and worn suspended on a watch chain or fob.

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